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New Choristers

If you are new to this calling and frantically searching the Internet for any help you can find to get started, you've come to the right place!  You can click on any of the articles below that contain some simple tips, advice and information for your new calling:

Staying Organized, Part 1 - Singing Time Schedule
Staying Organized, Part 2 - Singing Time Binder
Staying Organized, Part 3 - Monthly Scheduling
Staying Organized, Part 4 - Filing
Staying Organized, Part 5 - Laminators
More Help on Staying Organized
Staying Organized, Part 6 - Magnets
Staying Organized, Part 7 - When Teaching

Music Resources Found on LDS.org
2018 Outline for Sharing Time
Conducting Course
A Children's Songbook Companion
LDS Choristers Group on Facebook
Pat Graham Workshop Video Recording

Singing Time in Nursery
Wiggle Worm Jar
Using Handbells in Primary
Choosing Sticks
Article of Faith Song Prompts
Article of Faith Punch Cards
LDS Blue Skies Music
Primary Music CD
Fully Utilizing the Chalkboard

How To Do It All?
Finding Time
"How" To Teach a Song

Here We Are Together

Ensign Article - Pray About It
Friend to Friend
The Influence of Music

Ben's Primary Songs Arrangements
BYU Chorister's Page
Church Music Website
LDS Clipart
LDS Media Library
LDS Rankings
Musical Pipes
Pat Graham's Website
Primary Music Scheduler (this one's pretty cool!)
Sharla Dance's Website
Sugar Doodle

Each week I post my lesson plan for the upcoming Sunday usually on Thursday or Friday.  Each month I also post my tentative monthly agenda.  If you "Follow by Email" over on the right, you'll never miss any of my posts.  I do try to also post each lesson plan on LDS Chorister's Facebook Page and Pinterest as well.

There are also TONS of other blogs out there dedicated to singing time.  If you scroll all the way down, to the right, I have a list of "Other Singing Time Blogs."  As I find more, I'll keep adding (*If you have a singing time blog, leave a comment and I'll get it added to my list!)

Please feel free to leave me a comment on any post or contact me using the "Contact Me" form over on the right with any questions.  I'm guessing that eventually you will find this to be your favorite calling in the church!  Good luck!



Kelly said...

Thanks so much! I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with this calling, but your blog has helped tremendously!

Adrienne said...

I love your blog! Thank you for doing it!

Sally Jackson said...

Your are so awesome for putting this together! THis is me--first time frantic chorister! Thx for your ideas!

Jane Rogers said...

I love you, Camille! Thank you for ALL your amazing work. We novice music people are so appreciative!!

Sally Ashmore said...

Thank you so much for all of the great ideas!

Moved to the branch in August, was called in January and had no idea what songs the kids knew. I was out of town one Sunday, and the President (who had been called two weeks before) did the most amazing thing for me. She did a "Name That Tune" activity, which was something I hadn't even thought of before. Then she made a copy of the index of the Primary songbook and highlighted the ones they recognized. It made choosing songs soooo much easier! Then I came home and made a playlist on the LDS Music app so I could learn them, too, since I hadn't been around Primary kids since I was one in 1997. I also got the older kids to start singing more by telling them that hearing them sing would help me learn the songs. (I think the tears streaming down my face the first time I did Singing Time backed up my story and earned their pity!)
I also remember being grateful from the first week that the most important part of the calling is the easiest: loving the kids!