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Music in Nursery

If you are asked to do music in Nursery, I've come up with a "Nursery Bag" that I use each Sunday.  We sing the same songs and by the end of the year, those 3-year olds KNOW those songs!  It's a great base to send them off into Primary.  Find information and more details HERE.

My nursery bag also doubles as a great Family Home Evening activity each week!  In our family, we sing for 30 or so minutes (singing each song 4 or 5 times each) getting all our wiggles out just in time for a lesson.  Even though sometimes that FHE lesson only lasts for 2 minutes :).  My 9-year old twin boys still love doing all these activities with all their siblings!  It's not just for the nursery aged kids!


Kathy said...

Thank you so much for your ideas!! I know it takes time to do this and you need to know that someone is benefiting from you selfless efforts to share. I am!!
Could you share more details here about some of the things. I am not sure what you do with some of the items in the picture.
Kathy Hill

Camille said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for your kind comments. If you just click on "HERE" up in the post, it will re-direct you to the post where I describe how to make and use each of the nursery items. If that didn't answer your question, just leave a comment with specific things you have questions about and I'll be happy to answer them!


Jennifer Isackson said...

I've been doing this (altered to work for me) since January and it has been awesome! We only have 3 children and they still look at me as I sing solo every week but one day soon I know they will all start singing along :) My subs love this too. Thank you again so much for all the heart and work you put into this site. It is one of the regulars I return to.