Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Music Bags - ORDER YOURS!

And they're even ahead of schedule!  I'm just waiting on one more item.  I LOVE how they are turning out and coming together!  See what you think...

The only thing missing are the sunbeam sunshines!  They are going to be customized by yours truly and {fingers crossed} will be ADORABLE when they're all finished - I can't wait!!

And Susan Fitch ROCKS!  I've been working with her on some custom artwork for the bag!!  Make sure to check out her website HERE if you are unfamiliar with her work!

Since these have been so popular, I'm going to be selling these regularly!!  I'm not quite sure I know what I'm getting into!  Thank you to everyone who has ordered!  You can order yours here (click on the yellow BUY NOW button below):

They are $150.00 + tax (which includes shipping).  $50.00 deposit will hold your order, then the remaining portion is due when it ships (hopefully by the end of October)!  You can find a few more details HERE if you'd like to know more about what's included in the bag.

They include all the props that are included on my song list:

Here's how the filled bag looks:

And a peek inside (the wrist bells and missionary tags are hiding in the middle under all those ribbons)!

You'll have to imagine those cute sunbeam sunshines in there for the time being :).

I made sure the bag was big enough to tote around your songbook and any other items you may need for singing time, but not too big that you wished you'd left it at home.

And since I'm a fan of keepin' things real, here's a glance at my guest bedroom...good thing we don't have any guests coming over any time soon!!  This room might just have to be transformed into mom's warehouse - haha!

If you have any questions about the Music Bag, please don't hesitate to contact me or to leave a comment!  These are the best starter kit for any primary music leader, nursery music leaders and families who want to sing more primary songs at home!!

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