Tuesday, October 8, 2019

2020 Primary Program Presentation Suggestion

This is a very SIMPLE process for creating a primary program that will require almost NO WORK when next fall rolls around and it's program time!  The only catch is beginning in January...

The idea is all taken from the guidelines for Sacrament Meeting Presentation found in the Instructions for Singing Time and the Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation found HERE.  The church really is amazing!

Here's what it states:

"Guidelines for the Sacrament Meeting Presentation:

Under the direction of the bishop, the children’s sacrament meeting presentation is normally held during the fourth quarter of the year. As the Primary presidency and music leader, arrange to meet early in the year with the counselor in the bishopric who oversees Primary to begin discussing plans for the presentation. When you have completed the plans, obtain his approval for them.

The presentation should allow the children to present what they and their families have learned from the Book of Mormon at home and in Primary, including the Primary songs they have sung during the year.  Prayerfully consider which gospel principles and songs support what they have learned. Throughout the year, keep notes of children’s talks and personal experiences for possible use in the presentation. [this part's important, that's why I bolded it!] Invite children to share scriptures, stories, and their testimonies in the presentation. As you plan the presentation, think of ways it can help the congregation focus on the Savior and His teachings. 

Units with small numbers of children may consider ways in which family members can participate with their children. A member of the bishopric may conclude the meeting with brief remarks.

As you prepare the presentation, remember the following guidelines:

Practices should not take unnecessary time away from Primary classes or families.
Visuals, costumes, and media presentations are not appropriate for sacrament meeting.
See Handbook 2: Administering the Church, 11.5.4."

Okay, so the part where it says, "keep notes of children's talks and personal experiences for possible use in the presentation" is all you need to do to write your primary program presentation!

When a child is assigned to write a talk in primary, as part of the assignment, ask parents/caregivers to either give you a digital copy of the talk or to give you a copy of the talk once they have given it (see my form below).  Compile all these talks in a binder in the order they were given during the year.

If you want talks to be presented by age/classes, make sure to assign talks in the same order throughout the year.

When program time comes near, you can compile each of the talks given and either have the child recite their entire talk, or the primary presidency can help summarize their talk.  This way you have a program that is completely individualized by the children and their families without doing EXTRA work for both presidencies AND families when it's time to write a primary program!  And it correlates perfectly to what we've been learning all year in Come Follow Me for Primary-Book of Mormon!  It's brilliant!

You can download my Primary Talk Template HERE.  Get your primary secretary a binder and she can keep all of the talks from the entire year.  The line that states "the scripture(s) they've been asked to speak on is" should be filled in with that week's Come Follow Me related scriptures.

Since the monthly suggested songs we learn each month correlate with the weekly subjects, your program will flow beautifully!  You can check out more details on my Music for Singing Time 2020 HERE if you like!

Easy, right?  If you have any other suggestions for creating a simple primary program presentation, leave a comment!

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