Monday, August 26, 2019

When We're Helping

If you are reviewing for your program this month and need a wiggle song in between the reviewing program songs, When We're Helping can easily be turned into a really fun wiggle song!  They'll never even realize that they are learning a suggested song for September!
I also have a handbell chart for this song HERE if you are interested.

For the lesson plan, have LOTS of items in a basket that family members might need help with like:

  • Plastic dishes (do the dishes)
  • Dolls (play together)
  • Tools (help around the house)
  • Picture books (read to a sibling)
  • Clothing (put clothes away)
  • Junk mail (get the mail)
  • Boxed food (eat your dinner)
  • Toothbrush (brush your own teeth)
  • Balls (play together)
  • Large serving spoons (help with dinner)
  • Tissue boxes (help someone who is sick)
  • Book of Mormon (read scriptures)
  • Dish Scrubber (help with the dishes
  • Glue (help with a craft project)
  • Notepad (do your homework)
  • Playdoh (share)
  • Pen (write a kind note)
  • Small toys (play with a sibling)
  • Vegetables (eat your dinner!)
  • Electronics (get off when asked)
  • Soap (take a bath/shower)
  • etc.

If you have more ideas, leave a comment!  Depending on the size of your primary you will need more or less objects.  I'd aim for having about 1 item per child in primary.

Bring a second basket for the items to all be placed into at the end.

Tell the children that there are lots of ways we help our family members at home.  We're going to sing a song that talks about how helping makes us feel.  Listen to the song as the teachers and I sing it and tell me how helping makes us feel [happy].

Post words like I do HERE if necessary.

Sing the the song again while passing out items right after each other to the first child in the front (try to pass on the beat) and everyone passes the items to the next person creating a big long "S" throughout the rows of primary kids.  Or if you can, have the kids sit or stand in a large circle.  Place an empty basket at the back of the primary, next to the last child.  The goal is to have all the kids "help" put the items back in the basket by the time you finish singing the song, going through each family member (mother, father, sister, brother, etc.)

Repeat singing the song slower if you needed more time to finish putting everything away or more quickly if you finished early the last time (or do both!).  You could also go through a few items at a time and ask how they could help out at home with that particular item, singing the verses to the song in between.

You can check out more details on my Wiggle Worm Jar HERE for help incorporating more wiggle songs into singing time.  It's a great way to sing lots of songs and bring in more variety!

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