Friday, August 16, 2019

Back-To-School Review

Our kids are headed back to school this week so it seems appropriate to have a back-to-school theme.  Super fun and super simple!

Gather the following items: a backpack, eraser, glue, markers, ruler, calculator, pencil, scissors and stapler.

I created these printables to go along with each item:

Download them HERE & cut out the 8 instructions.  I've also got a blank document HERE if you want to hand-write in your own songs and activities.

Then tape each instruction to its coordinating school item.

For the activity, before primary, hide the items around the primary room.  Invite kids to find the objects.  Once found, read the instructions, sing the song and place the item in the backpack.  Repeat until all songs have been found, sung and are in the backpack.

If you have more songs and need more ideas, I've got a few here:

Sharpener:  Sharpen the words to the song {insert song} by clearly enunciating them.
Highlighter: Highlight the notes in the song {insert song} by pitch leading them all (moving your hands up or down as the notes go up or down)
Notebook:  Just like you turn the pages of a notebook, turn to your left to the beat while you sing {insert song}. (so essentially turning in a circle, stopping at each wall in the room)
Earbuds:  Put imaginary earbuds in your ears and sing the song A CAPELLA (without the piano).

What else can you think of?  Leave a comment!

A variation of this is to simply bring the backpack filled with the items and have kids choose items out of the backpack.

If you want more review activities, check out my list HERE.

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