Friday, July 26, 2019

Wagon Wheel of Fortune

Play WAGON Wheel of Fortune with a fun spin on a Pioneer Day singing time activity!  Sing any song(s) you like whether they be a list of pioneer songs in the Children's Songbook or any song(s) that need reviewing which is what I'll be using it for this week!

My idea comes from HERE.  I didn't want to draw a wheel so I created it all digitally.  Print and go - just the way I like it!  You can download my files below.  Then all you'll need is a spinner of some sort.  Either a magnetic one like this:

 (I get a small commission if you purchase from this link)

Or just a cheap spinner like these will work as well (these are what I have):

(I get a small commission if you purchase from this link)

Other ideas for making a spinner might be to take apart your Twister game or making your own spinner using a brad and heavy paper as your arrow.  You can even try a rotating chair and spinning a child with the pieces on the floor but I'm not sure how well that would work.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know!

There are a few options for putting your wheel together.  If you have a magnetic spinner (you can even take the cheap spinners and hot glue or duct tape one to a heavy duty magnet as an alternative - which is what I did!).  Then you simply tape or use magnets to put up 6 wheel pieces on the board in a circle and place your spinner in the middle.  Easy!  Here's how mine turned out:

The other option is to put your spinner through a foam board, then tape your pieces to the foam board.

The pieces also fit on the popular Ikea spinner found HERE (wish I could say I planned that but I just got lucky - and thank you Becky for the photo!):

The actions that go along with each item are as follows:

  • Campfire Songs - pitch lead using your hands (move your hands up and down as the notes move up and down) or, if you have a song using ASL, sing this song with it
  • Hiss the S's - when you sing any "S's" in the song, exaggerate them.  This will be the only time this is a good thing - haha!
  • Mountain Echo - one side of the room sings a phrase, then the other side sings the next phrase
  • Wagon Wheel Arms - roll arms like a wagon wheel
  • Boys/Girls Sing - boys sing a phrase, then the girls sing the next phrase
  • Starry Night - sing with the lights off (bring in finger lights or flash lights if you want!!)
  • Pioneer Trek - walk around the perimeter of the room as you sing
  • Choppy Ax - sing staccato (choppy - have the piano do it too!)
  • Butterfly Wings - wave your arms like a butterfly
  • Stinky Skunk - hold your nose as you sing
  • Bumble Bee Hum - hum one phrase, then sing the next phrase
  • Buffalo Stampede - march in place

There are 12 wheel pieces so once a wheel piece has been chosen, remove it and replace it with another one.  This is great because you'll never have repeats!  Once you have less than 6 pieces left, just spread out the pieces so they take up more space ;).

The activity is simple - call up kids to spin, then sing your song(s) with the associated pioneer action.

I created the pieces so they fit on a single piece of paper so you can easily print at home:

Download my document HERE.  I printed mine on white card stock, cut out then laminated.  Then I also wrote the corresponding action on the back with pencil because I tend to forget things when I'm up front.  Tell me I'm not the only one!

You can also check out all of my Pioneer Day singing time lesson plans HERE for more ideas.


Mickey said...

LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for your creativity and willingness to share. One quick note on this particular file: on the campfire songs wheel wedge you have a small typo it reads camprife instead of campfire. I am still going to use it and see if anyone notices the oops. Maybe if they do I will have a small prize for paying attention. Keep up the great work! I LOVE THIS!

Camille said...

Hi Mickey!

Thank you SO much for catching that...ugh! It never fails, I seem to have a typo that I miss. I've got it corrected.


Cassie said...

So darling! Thank you for sharing !!!

twodaze said...

I just have to say thanks a million for your hard work, creativity, long hours spent and willingness to share! I was completely overwhelmed when I got called and now I know I can count on your amazing site anytime! Just today I threw my back out and had a lesson plan for a substitute in no time thanks to you! Can't say thanks enough!!!