Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Love One Another

Do you remember learning the sign language to Love One Another when you were in primary?  I sure do!  And the signs have been coming back to me as I've been reviewing this song!  It's amazing how the memory works!  I suppose that if they went to all the trouble to put the sign language in the Children's Songbook for this song (complete with pictures and all!), then I might as well go ahead and use it to teach this song in primary.  I do have a simple variation below that doesn't use sign language as well.

The images from the songbook make teaching this song in sign language so simple!  You really don't even need to know the signs beforehand.  Learn it with your primary as you teach it!  There were, however, a few great demonstration videos posted on the Primary Music Leader's FB group HERE in the comments.

I have a post HERE that goes into more detail about teaching sign language in primary if you want to check it out.  But with all the help from the songbook, most of the hard work is done for us!

I took the images from the songbook (found digitally HERE), enlarged them and then added them to a heart like this:

Download my 13-page document HERE.  I printed on regular printer paper, cut them out then mounted to red card stock that I also cut out as a heart shape:

You can print the pattern HERE.  You can either print off 26 copies on red card stock or use it as a pattern to trace around red construction paper.  Or, omit the mounting all together - it's totally optional and may just be more work.  If you do go to all the trouble, make sure you laminate to make these durable for years to come :).

You can check out details on what laminator I use HERE.

As an attention getter, I always like to demonstrate the song using sign language (with no images posted) and no singing as the piano plays.  It brings in a neat spirit to my lesson!  But that would require you that you know it before teaching it in primary!  After the demonstration, ask the children if they know what song that is - they should be pretty familiar with this one!

After the attention getter, place one image on the board at a time, showing the children how to do the sign.  Once you've put up a phrase (about 4 hearts), sing that phrase while signing.  Repeat until all the signs are placed on the board and you've sung the song several times.

A fun option (or a variation if you don't want to use sign language!), is in between phrases, to choose good singers to come up and draw a heart on the board as they tell the primary something they can do to show love or kindness to others.  Or omit the drawing portion and have good singers simply tell you what they can do to show love or kindness.

Once the signs have all been taught and learned, you can optionally pass out a scarf to each child to use as they sign.  That always adds a fun dynamic when teaching sign language!

I bought mine from Amazon here:
(affiliate link - I get a small percentage if you purchase these)

Bear testimony of the importance of being kind and showing love to others.  It was a constant theme in the life of Christ!

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