Monday, May 13, 2019

Jesus & the 12 Apostles - NEW Susan Fitch Artwork

I just had to share the latest and greatest from Susan Fitch...Jesus and his 12 Apostles would be a great way to help incorporate Come Follow Me in primary AND at home!  How fun for the kids to put a face to a name they are reading about in the scriptures!

She's selling her artwork HERE in her Etsy shop.  But she's also hosting a free giveaway of this kit that closes Saturday, May 18th so if you want to enter, head on over to her website HERE and enter QUICK!

I've got an updated activity using these images HERE.  If you can come up with any other ways of utilizing Jesus and the 12 Apostles in singing time, leave a comment!

I use TONS of Susan Fitch's material in singing time!  LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!  Check out all my posts where I use her artwork HERE if you like!

Tell me I'm not the only one who loves Susan Fitch!!


kathy said...

I LOVE Susan Finch!!!Those are great ideas--I have nothing to share. Thanks

Shauntel said...

This is so fun! I'm using this tomorrow to learn a new song! Thank you! The packet on Etsy has the line art as well, so I'm using the one with Christ and the apostles for a little hand out that they can take home and color and try to remember the apostle names. :) Here's what I ended up doing for the actions for each disciple:

Andrew – Animated Andrew (sing with exaggerated facial expression)
Bartholomew – Blinking Bartholomew (blink on every beat)
James – Jumping James
John – Just Dance John
Judas – Jumping Jacks Judas (this could get crazy...but we'll try it)
Matthew – Mouth the Words Matthew
Other James – Joking James (“ha-ha-ha” on every syllable)
Peter – Pat Your Head Peter
Phillip – Fidget Phillip (fidget in seat)
Simon – Sing Slow Simon
Thaddeus – Touch Your Toes Thaddeus (up, down on each beat)
Thomas – Turn Around Thomas

Thanks again!

Camille said...


These are so wonderful! Thank you for sharing!