Thursday, May 30, 2019

Did Jesus Really Live Again?

I found an interactive poster to teach Did Jesus Really Live Again? and loved the idea so I recreated a digital one!  However, if you don't have the time or option to create a poster, I've got a few simplified variations below so keep on reading!!

There's a video HERE with a demonstration on how it works.

I'm glad I only occasionally get all crafty as I'm a little worried this might be a PROP FLOP so attempt it at your own risk ;).

**UPDATE:  I wanted to let you know how this went in was a HUGE success!  The kids were so quiet, attentive and mesmerized by the poster!  It was great!  Maybe it was due to my praying all week that my lesson plan wouldn't fail!  The Lord never ceases to amaze me!  The poster took a little maneuvering but it wasn't bad at all.  I'd definitely recommend doing this!

First you'll need the poster I created (and a HUGE thank you to Susan Fitch for the artwork found HERE!!):
(do not right click and download this image - the file is too small for print.  Use the link below!)

Download the JPEG version HERE (for Costco - print it as a lustre 20x30 print for $9.99).  Other printers might prefer the PDF HERE. I should mount mine on white poster board to make it a little more durable but I'm not going to.  Or I have a tiled version HERE that you can print at home (it prints on 8 sheets of paper/card stock that you can mount then tape together).

Then you'll want all the key-word moving pieces that go to it:

Download those HERE.  I printed on white card stock and cut them out.  Then I have a laminator that is more like a contact paper applier-machine that worked perfect for this project!

But packaging tape will easily work!  Or you can buy contact paper rolls at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap.  Just make sure to apply either tape or contact paper to both sides of your images.

Here's what goes where:

Upper corner:
  • question mark
  • "3"
  • heart (I changed this - the video doesn't have a heart, just a repeated question mark)
  • question mark
Right side:
  • Yes!
  • Mary (in this order)
  • Green arrow
  • fish
  • honeycomb
  • nail
  • spear

Here are my strips, I spaced the images about 4 inches apart:

Then you'll need a big oval to make for the rock covering the tomb.  Get creative.  I found some thin cardboard around my house (I save random things for projects like this - anyone else?) then covered it with some gray card stock I had on hand.  It needs to be approximately 18x12 inches.

Then you'll need a brad to make the circle spin, and another brad to attach to the boy and girl.

I'm going to have it hung on the board with heavy magnets.  The magnets are also helping my tombstone not fall over to the right and another magnet to hold up the girl and boy, so they don't flop forward when they are revealed.

As an attention getter, ask the children if they think Jesus lived after he died.  Then ask if they think they will live again after they die.  Tell them this song answers this question - a question that many people don't know the answer too!  Have them listen as you and the teachers sing as you use the interactive poster.

Repeat again having the kids try to sing along as you move the pieces (I can simply slide them along with my fingers).  After doing it a few times, in between each image/phrase, you can stop and ask if they know what is coming next, then also add in these actions (the actions are from HERE which has a great lesson plan too!):

  • Did Jesus really live again (hold hands out with palms up like asking a question)
  • Yes, when the third day came (hold up three fingers)
  • He wakened and he left the tomb (blink eyes and walk in place)
  • He called Mary’s name (cup hands around mouth)
  • Did Jesus come to those he loved (put hands over heart)
  • Yes, people touched his feet (bend over and touch feet),
  • And of the fish and honeycomb (wiggle hand back and forth like a fish swimming)
  • He did truly eat (pantomime eating).
  • And there were nail prints in his hands (point to hand)
  • And a spear wound in his side (point to side)
  • Did Jesus really live again after he had died (hold hands out with palms up like asking a question)
  • Oh yes! And so shall I (nod head and point to self)!

Download and print the actions HERE for reference.

If you are really brave, have different children come take turns (but I'm not sure I'd recommend this unless you have a very small primary otherwise, there might be tears!).

At the end, bear testimony that you know Jesus was resurrected and lived after he died, as will we.

Omit the interactive poster and use the enlarged key-word images from the interactive poster HERE and use the actions posted above.  Cut the pages in half.

Assign each class a page (or 2) with its associated action, then have them come up, place their picture on the board and teach the rest of the primary their action.  Have them sit down, then sing all the actions that have been learned so far.  Repeat with the next class until all the pictures and actions have been learned.

Go even simpler and assign each class a phrase to draw the images on the chalkboard and then teach their action.

Find my review activity HERE that is also a great lesson plan on its own!!


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

You have don it again, I love your poster, the pulley thing look fun, but I'n to i have the courage to do it. I love the options. Thank for coming up with a creative way to teach the children. I'm great full that we have Stake conference this sunday, I have extra time to make everything I need.

PS I love your video and your sweet family voices:)

Natalie and Aaron said...

Camille this is awesome!! Question...can I not just laminate the pictures instead of using contact paper?

Camille said...

Hi Natalie and Aaron,

The only problem with laminating is you need a long continuous strip of plastic (you don't cut out the laminated objects) and the laminating sheets aren't long enough. Maybe there's another way to do it? I hope that answers your question.


Heather Parkinson said...

Absolutely incredible! This is so engaging! Thrilled to make this for primary! Thank you so much!