Friday, May 24, 2019

Behold the Great Redeemer Die

When teaching hymns, like this one, Behold the Great Redeemer Die, I like to teach only the first verse.  However, with this activity, if you want to teach all the verses, you easily can!  I've also got a demonstration video demonstrating this entire lesson plan below!

For the attention getter, you'll need to post these 3 pictures of the Savior:

Garden of Gethsemane

Christ dying on the cross

Child taking the sacrament

All images can be found in the Gospel Art Book (or GAB).  I bought my copy at the Distribution Center and have taken it all apart, placing each page in sheet protectors then in a big 3-ring binder for easy storing:

If you are interested in ordering one (or a few!) for yourself, or maybe for your primary to keep with your calling, you can order it HERE or at a Distribution Center near you.

Or you can download the images HERE and print at home.

Display the pictures on the chalkboard and tell the children that this song is found in our Hymnbook and is typically sung as a sacrament song, or the song just before we take the sacrament.  It talks about the importance of the Savior's sacrifice.

Once introduced, I'll be teaching the primary simple actions, demonstrated in my video here:

You can also find it HERE if you are having trouble viewing it above.  Please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel so I know you find it useful and want more like it.

The actions are SO simple and repetitive that you should know them all after hearing it only a few times!

Show the children the actions by having the piano play and the teachers sing along with you.  Post the words like I do HERE if you like.

Do it again, but have the children follow your actions, still not singing.  Repeat again having them start to listen for answers to these questions found in the song:

  • What words are sung as we circle our hands? (great, die, law, satisfy, live, win)
  • What words rhyme? (die, satisfy)
  • What words has 4 pitches on it? (live)
  • What word has 2 pitches on it (and)
  • Which line is sung two times? (He dies a sacrifice for sin)
The children can and will probably start to sing along as they become more familiar with the song and the actions.  Sing the song between each question.

Once you've gone through all the questions, a fun option is to add scarves!

Mine are from Amazon here:

(this is an affiliate link and I get a small commission if you make a purchase)

A fun idea also to do with this song is to coordinate with your ward music leader and have this song sung as the sacrament hymn within a few weeks after teaching it.  Have the kids listen for it then come to you for a little reward of some kind (like a sticker or small piece of candy).

At the end of your lesson, bear testimony.  Consider quoting the last line of the song.  The reason why Jesus Christ died and atoned for our sins is so that "man may live and glory win" or put another way, so that we can live with Heavenly Father again.


Slogger Mom said...

Hi Camille!
Thanks for all of your preparation! You are my weekly go-to and I appreciate your work so much. Just a small correction if this helps: your list of words in which the kids circle their hands is missing "great" and "law". And maybe other possible rhyming works are "sin & win". Thanks again!!

Camille said...

Hi Slogger Mom!

I always appreciate everyone helping me with my corrections! And I always have LOTS of them :). Thank you!


Jill Smith said...

CAMILLE! I LOVE THIS! I've watched the video a zillion times to make sure I've got it all down. I just can't thank you enough for the time you take to give us ideas. Or in my case do all the thinking for me;) I've got the scarves, the words, and the actions written out, I think I'm ready to roll. Bless you for everything! And I LOVE the youtube channel.

Jayne said...

This is so so good. Thank you!

Heather Parkinson said...

I did this lesson with scarves today and it was beautiful and fun! Thank you so much for a hands-on interactive idea for a sacred hymn! This kids loved it and I had so much fun!