Friday, April 19, 2019

Easter Singing Time Round-Up

I've got a plethora of Easter lesson plans if you are in need of an Easter-themed singing time this Sunday!  Lots are from The Friend!  But I've also got several that coincide with 2019's Come Follow Me song suggestions.  And I've even got a NEW YouTube video demonstrating my lesson plan, Jesus Has Risen - make sure you check it out below!

Just a tip:  If you ever want to search for holiday or seasonal related lesson plans I may have, go to my "Index" tab at the top of the page:

Then scroll down past the "Listing by Song" to the "Listing by Category" section.  There you can click on any topic I have that you might be searching for:

This round-up is all my posts contained in that "Easter" label so here we go...

The Miracle of Easter HERE (This is what I'll be doing this Sunday.  I used this for our family home evening lesson last Sunday and it went WONDERFULLY!  I can't say that very often about our family home evening lessons ;)

Jesus Has Risen is a song suggestion for Come Follow Me for April.  Find that lesson plan HERE.

I also wanted to mention that I've updated my Jesus Has Risen post with a YouTube video demonstrating this lesson plan.  I've been wanting to start doing this for a LONG TIME and I finally just bit the bullet and did it!  It's the first demonstration of what I hope to be many more! I'm still new to being on camera and I just filmed in my basement so don't be too harsh ;).  Please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel so I know you find it useful and want more like it.  I've linked it here for easy viewing:

Okay, thanks for following me on that tangent, back to more Easter lesson plans:

I Feel My Savior's Love HERE (this song is a Come Follow Me song suggestion in April 2019)

When He Comes Again HERE (this song is a Come Follow Me song suggestion in October 2019)

Seven Days Until Easter from The Friend HERE

One Step Closer to Easter from The Friend HERE

Getting Ready for Easter from The Friend HERE

Easter Sing-A-Story from The Friend HERE

If you need to review any song(s), I've got a simple Easter Egg Review Activity HERE

Easter Hosanna from The Children's Songbook is always appropriate.  Find my lesson plan HERE.

Hosanna also from The Children's Songbook is another great one!  Find it HERE.

I've also got a lesson plan for This is My Beloved Son HERE.

And Had I Been a Child HERE.

and lastly, Beautiful Savior using simplified ASL HERE

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Mariah said...

You are amazing Camille. I love the video. Thanks heaps!