Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Love-Your-Neighbor Adventure

It's time to take a break from program songs and bring in a little extra LOVE to singing time...

The March 2017 Friend had this FANTASTIC Love-Your-Neighbor Adventure game HERE which I easily converted it into a Valentine's Day singing time activity!  You'll be singing LOTS of a variety of songs so make sure to post the words (see how I do that HERE) and you can also sing along to the songs played on a CD if you need extra support!

I resized the game board so it will print as a 20x30 so you can have it printed at Costco!  Download the JPEG HERE.  I've also got the PDF HERE if you go with another printer.  If you want to print it at home, I have a tiled version HERE that prints on 8 sheets of paper (I'd recommend card stock, laminating then either mounting on a poster board or taping it together).  If you really want to simplify, recreate the game board on the chalkboard and just print the game cards and markers below!

Then with each card, I assigned a song that went along with the suggested scenarios:

Download my document HERE that includes the songs I added.  I also have a blank one HERE in case you want to write in different songs.  Print and cut these out, fold them in half with the words facing out, and either tape them closed or laminate them.

These are simple game markers I created that you can print out on card stock, laminate (optional) and either attach a magnet to the back (tape will work too) or you can just put a magnet on top while you play.
Download this document HERE.

To play, simply follow the instructions on the game board:

Each player chooses a small object to use as a game marker. Roll a dice to move. When you land on a question mark, choose a card from the pile. Read the question. What would you do? Then flip the card over to read what the prophet and apostles teach and then sing the song. With the person sitting next to you, act out what you would do or say then sing the suggested song:

Here's a list of the songs:

I Want to Live the Gospel p. 148
Hum Your Favorite Hymn p. 152
Keep the Commandments p. 146
Love One Another p. 136
The Word of Wisdom p. 154
I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus p. 78
Listen, Listen p. 107
Kindness Begins with Me p. 145
Remember the Sabbath Day p. 155
We Are Different p. 263
Repentance p. 98
Choose the Right Way p. 160
Every  Star Is Different p. 142
I Am Like a Star p. 163
Fun To Do p. 253

Play in small teams (up to 4 using the markers I created) or just play with 1 marker as a whole primary!

I'll be bringing in one of my big foam dice (but regular dice will totally work!).  Find more details on where I got these HERE.

I absolutely LOVE bringing in The Friend into singing time!!  You can also scroll through all of my other Valentine's singing time posts HERE.

Also, make sure to check out what I have for the rest of the month of February HERE.


Ashlee said...

If I divided the primary into 4 different groups what I need to print the game board at Costco 4 times? What are you doing for this game? One game board, or 4?

Camille Hill said...

I’d recommend one game board with 4 markers and divide the primary into 4 teams, assigning each team a marker. I hope that makes sense.


Ashlee said...

Oh yes! Now I get it, thanks! Sorry!

Connie Lytle said...

Thank you for doing this!!!! We had so much fun using this in primary yesterday!