Monday, February 25, 2019

Did You Think To Pray?

To introduce the song, tie a piece of string around your finger.  Tell the kids that before we had phones with reminders, people used to tie strings around their fingers, which would remind them to do something.  Have them listen to the song as you and the teachers sing it (or listen to it on CD) and listen for what you are trying to remember to do [pray].

Post the words like I do HERE.

Pass out a string to each child for their finger (optional).  For Jr. primary, I suggest pre-tying strings with a dab of hot glue on popsicle sticks:

Sr. primary should be able to handle a string tied around their finger but you may want to tie those before primary as well.  Use a popsicle stick as your finger size guide and to carry them to primary tangle free ;):

Next, have children come up one at a time and do the following actions:

  • Person lying down sleeping: Ere you left your room this morning
  • Person praying: Did you think to pray?
  • Person holding up a picture of Christ: In the name of Christ, our Savior
  • Person asking a question: Did you sue for loving favor
  • Person creating a shield by making an "X" with their arms: As a shield today
  • Person that is tired, discouraged: Oh, how praying rests the weary!
  • Person covering their eyes, then uncovering their eyes: Prayer will change the night to day.
  • Person that is sad, tired: So, when life gets dark and dreary,
  • Person holding up the string tied on their finger: Don’t forget to pray.

Most of these actions come from Sharla Dance's website HERE (it's also a great lesson plan on it's own!).

After each action has been introduced, have the rest of the primary point to the actor using their string stick/finger as they sing the associated phrase.  Add the next action with another child while singing the next phrase while the rest of the primary points.  Define difficult words on the chalkboard:

Ere: before
Sue for loving favor: ask a question
Weary: tired or discouraged
Dreary: sad, tired

Rotate kids up front after completing all the actions so each child can have a turn acting.  Repeat until all the children have had a turn.

Bear testimony of the importance of remembering to pray.  Prayer protects, guides and directs us throughout our day.

Find my lesson plan to-go HERE.

Have the kids give you their strings when finished.  You will be using them again to review in the upcoming weeks (for pitch leading and pointing to melody maps).  Find more details HERE.

**When teaching hymns, I recommend only teaching the 1st verse.


mamalaoshi said...

This is wonderful. Thank you! I woke up this morning four hours before church, feeling like I should scrap my lesson plan and teach this song instead. So much help! Thank you again!

Jillian Harding said...

Thank you! Wonderful idea! My primary is doing this lesson this Sunday.