Monday, January 7, 2019

Susan Fitch BOOK! - What If You Ate A Taco

I just HAVE to give a little shout out to Susan Fitch's new book she illustrated, What If You Ate A Taco (even if it isn't singing time related and I am not receiving anything for posting ;).  I just LOVE Susan Fitch's work)!  She does so much for us over here in singing time land that I wanted to spotlight her latest project:

Check out her book details HERE.  I just ordered 2 for myself!

If you have no idea who Susan Fitch is, she's a talented artist especially where singing time is concerned (but I'm totally biased).  You can check out all of my posts HERE where I've used her fabulous artwork for singing time.

She gives a lot of it away for free on her blog but she's also got TONS more on her Etsy shop HERE.  Apparently she's got some projects up her sleeve for the new Come Follow Me curriculum and I can't wait!!

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K Wood said...

Thanks for the tip!