Friday, January 4, 2019

First Singing Time of the Year

From my experience, the first Sunday of a new year in primary is typically a little hectic!  Primary kids aren't quite sure what class they belong in, teachers aren't sure who their primary kids are, the new Sunbeams Sunbeams, I could go on!  And with this Sunday including all the changes to the block hour, I'm going to assume it will be even a little more chaotic than usual.  So, with that in mind, I won't be introducing this month's new song.  Instead I'll be introducing all the changes I'm implementing in primary and then we'll be introducing everyone to, well, everyone!

If you want more details on how I'm scheduling singing time and what I plan on teaching this month, checkout my January Singing Time Schedule HERE.

As kids come to primary, we'll be greeting them with a welcome song (this month we'll be singing the Hello Song).  

Then during the last 5 minutes of transition time (before opening exercises), We'll sing The Books in the New Testament using my interactive bookshelf.  You can find details HERE.  Every week this will be our opening song that will be sung during the last few minutes of our transition time.  I'll remove a cluster of books at the end of each month.  If we are ever short on time, it will be no big deal if this gets skipped.  This will also double as our primary bulletin board this year.

I've always begun my singing time with a scripture song (in years past it was the Articles of Faith) and I plan to continue to do that using the 2 monthly suggested songs we won't be learning for our program (and rotating them throughout the month).  I'll simply post the words like I do HERE and we'll sing it.

If you're unfamiliar with the Music in Singing Time 2019 curriculum, you can find more details HERE.

This week my scripture song is Come Follow Me (1st verse).  With that I might QUICKLY introduce that we are studying the Come Follow Me curriculum that is all about the life of Jesus Christ.  I won't be bothered if the little kids just sit and stare at me while the teachers and I sing it to them.  I like to think that their little brains are big sponges just soaking everything up ;).

Then I'll delve into my lesson plan to welcome everyone by singing the song Here We Are Together using my lesson plan found HERE.  If you find you can't introduce everyone due to time restraints, only spotlight everyone new in primary - Sunbeams, new Sr. kids who just left Jr primary, any new teachers, etc.

Then time permitting, I'll pull out my Wiggle Worm Jar found HERE (mostly to introduce it to the Sunbeams but don't be fooled - Sr. primary loves this just as much!).

Phew!  Sounds like a lot but once we get into our schedule, it will be easy!  Welcome to a new year!

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