Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We're All Together Again

I've introduced another NEW welcome song this month - We're All Together Again.  And honestly, this one is new to me!  I've been learning it by playing it while I work on the computer and come Sunday, I'll be WELL versed in this song!

It's got a quick, catchy tune, and the kids will love it once they learn it!  When we sing it, we've been simply marching in place, getting out some of those wiggles!  I always post the words to new songs.  Find more details on posting words HERE.

If you want to check out my list of welcome songs, you can find that HERE.

If you need to get out more wiggles, this song also doubles as a fun wiggle song.  Check out my Wiggle Worm Jar HERE.

Next year, I'm going to still be implementing welcome songs but I'll be calling them "transition songs."  More to come!!

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