Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Just want to wish all my singing time friends a Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your Sunday off and may your sacrament meeting musical numbers be wonderful!  I wish I could have mailed you all a Christmas card but this will have to suffice!

I obviously had too much fun putting together our family Christmas card this year (my husband and kids are good sports!).


Kryssy said...

Very cute and creative! Love it! (Found through LDS Choristers page on FB). Thanks for all you do!

kimbosuebob said...

This wins first place in the Most Creative Christmas Card for 2018! I love, love, love it! You were blessed with so much creativity and I'm so grateful you are willing to work so hard to magnify your calling and share with the world as well! Know you are appreciated!!!!!!!