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Thursday, December 6, 2018

2019 Singing Time Planner and Scheduler

I've seen LOTS of singing time planners and schedulers out there.  I'm more of a simpleton when it comes to my scheduling.  I like to plan only a month ahead (with the exception of my outline summary found HERE.

Along with my annual CD found HERE.

If you aren't familiar with my monthly singing time schedules, you can check them all out HERE.

I personally use a simple Word document like this (nothin' fancy!):

But I get several requests from those who like to plan out the whole year asking if I have something - well, now I do!  But this planner can be used monthly as well so use it how you like to plan!

I think my favorite planner out there (and from what I can tell, I'm not alone!) is the one from Primary Singing Time Ideas found HERE.  It's  basic and simple yet very organized and efficient - just the way I like things ;).  Unfortunately, Brittney (the blog author) isn't currently updating her blog - at least what I can see.  So I've taken the liberty to create a 2019 Singing Time Planner and Scheduler using her template as a guide.

Download each each monthly planner HERE.  I've kept each month as it's own document so you can easily print one a time.

UPDATE:  Due to feedback, I created a planner HERE that follows more closely to what is recommended for singing time beginning in 2019.  Only an "opening song," "singing time" and "other" are options to be filled in.  Hopefully this is more helpful.

There's also a blank one that would work with any month and any year.  You simply print and fill them in by hand.

I left all the details for opening exercises that have been done in the past "as-is."  I know some wards will be omitting a lot of this and others will be keeping it or moving it around, etc.  Just know that this is as generic as I can make it.

If you prefer to type details in, there's an editable Word version that Emily posted on the FB group HERE (you can download it HERE if you aren't on Facebook).  It's only for January but you can update it as you need.  Thank you Emily!

If you see any mistakes, PLEASE let me know ASAP!!  I'm prone to mistakes - more than I care to admit and it can be terribly embarrassing!!

If you follow me throughout the year, I'll help you get it all filled out with my monthly Singing Time Schedules that I post the last week of every month.  Watch for January's schedule to be posted the last week of December!  Also, if you struggle staying organized in this calling, you can scroll through all of my Staying Organized posts all found HERE (I'd recommend reading them from the last post to the first post).

How do you like to plan your singing time and keep yourself organized in this busy calling?  Leave comments to help others out!


Mdmcaffee said...

Thank you for all the time and effect you put into your post. Unfortunately with the new curriculum and the way primary will be ran starting 2019 this document is no longer helpful. There will be no welcome, birthday, Reverent, opening and closing songs. It will just be opening pray with a 5 min talk and 20 singing time (which will be like singing and sharing time together. :) thanks again for your wonderful website. It has really helped me this last year.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Mcmcaffee,

I'm sorry to hear you won't find this useful any longer. I'm very aware that a lot of these items will be going away but some wards will still be keeping a few things around which is why I simply left it as is. My thought was that you can omit anything that you won't be using and fill in what you will. My plan is to change it a little more after we've all had a year with the change.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Susan B said...

I agree that these really need an upgrade according to the new church directions. Its easier to have a correct form than have to change each one. These would be great resources if done according to the new instruction.
The church states - "Primary will begin with a prayer, a scripture OR article of faith, and a talk given by a child. However, if singing time is held
after children have attended their classes, it will end rather than begin with prayer. "
We are given 5 minutes. There are no announcements/birthday or welcome song. There is no opening or closing songs. Any songs sung will be part of the 20 minute singing time. Primary presidencies will be following this outline.


Camille Hill said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for commenting! The "extra" songs I left on the scheduler will most likely fall under the "any songs sung will be part of the 20 minute singing time" section you mentioned. Which is why I chose to leave them for the time being.


Camille Hill said...

Due to these comments, (although they are somewhat hurtful) I’ve updated the post to reflect another option for next year’s planner that correlates more closely to what is recommended with next year’s curriculum. Hopefully you find these more helpful.


Unknown said...

You have done a tremendous amount of work! You will be blessed for sharing your talents!!!
Thank you so much Daphne

Michelle Eckery said...

I just want to say THANK YOU Camille - You are so organized, creative, and now accommodating. Remember everyone what a great resource Camille's site is for us!! Just use what you want and give the girl a break. Thank you again and again Camille - YOU ARE AWESOME. You have saved me many times over the past 3 years. Please keep it up!