Thursday, November 8, 2018

Children All Over the World - Digital Posters!

This week I'll be pulling out an oldie but goodie!  Children All Over the World using my "costume" posters.  

You can find my lesson plan found HERE.

You are in luck because I took all my posters and digitized them!!  Now you can send them to Costco or to your local printer instead of hand drawing them if you like!  They print as 20x30 size photos or posters.  If you print at Costco, you will need the JPEG files HERE.  If you print with other printers, they, may want the PDF files HERE.  If you want to go the less expensive route, feel free to copy my images by hand too.

But either route you take, I HIGHLY recommend having them laminated (it isn't cheap, however).  I used mine for a few years before laminating and they were wearing out so I finally did it and am really happy I did!

This lesson plan is a lot of work initially, I won't lie!  But you do the work once and you can pull it out every year around Thanksgiving time!  The kids love it so totally worth the effort!

Make sure to scroll through all of my fall/Thanksgiving lesson plans HERE for more ideas!

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