Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Nativity Song with NEW Susan Fitch Artwork

I'm SO excited to share this!  Susan Fitch has created beautiful illustrations for The Nativity Song!  You can now purchase her artwork over at her Etsy shop HERE.

Find my lesson plan HERE for using them.  So many have been having trouble with the old visuals I have posted that I recently reached out to Susan Fitch to see if she could help!!  She always goes above and beyond with her artwork and is always so gracious to take on my projects!

With that said, I hope Susan doesn't mind me sharing a little personal information...

Her 13 year old has cerebral palsy and hearing loss and needs both of her hearing aids replaced (she accidentally pulled the wiring out and broke them while trying to replace the batteries by herself).  They are $3,200.00 EACH and insurance doesn't cover them as they are considered 'cosmetic.' 

How about we band together and help Susan Fitch cover some of these costs?!  She does SO much for us!


Jennifer Cox said...

Do you know if they are specialized hearing aids? Several years ago, my son used hearing aids (they were purchased when he was an infant). He outgrew his need & I still have those hearing aids. They are blue, Oticon brand. I don't know if she could use them or not but they are available if they could help her out even temporarily. send me an email if they could :

Camille Hill said...

Hi Jennifer!

I got in touch with Susan and she needs specialized hearing aids but she said to tell you thank you for your generous offer!!


KM said...

Is the a GoFundMe page or something of the sort where we could donate for new hearing aids?

Camille Hill said...

Hi KM,

No, there's not anything like that set up. Susan said buying her clip art was plenty. But thank you for being so thoughtful!