Thursday, September 27, 2018

Treasure Island - Treasure Hunt Program Review

This Sunday is my last week of my Treasure Hunt Program Review (find more details HERE) and we're heading to Treasure Island with a treasure box as my grand finale! 

The treasure box works great as it's own review as well if you aren't doing the Treasure Hunt.  I've stuffed 2 boxes (one for Jr. and one for Sr.) full of Ring Pops that I bought at Sam's Club.

With these song tags...

You can download my tags HERE.  I printed on regular paper and cut out.

Or blank ones HERE.

I didn't have brown paper and thought the brown shoe box sufficed so I just printed this sheet to cover up the Reebox logo ;).  Download it HERE if it helps.

To use it in primary is pretty simple.  Just cut the ribbons as the kids sing each song to their best ability.

I'm thinking of not finish cutting all the ribbons this Sunday and just pulling it out as we practice the program over the next few weeks in the primary room and chapel.  I'll rig it so we open it the Sunday after our program to reveal our treasure!

Check out my program helps for chapel review HERE.

If you're looking for ideas for after your program, check out my posts HERE.  I'll also have my October Singing Time Schedule posted soon!

I think we'll be playing Primary Battleship the Sunday of our program to finish out our ship theme!  More to come!

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