Monday, September 10, 2018

Reverence Is Love

I found this great booklet for the song Reverence is Love in the July 2017 Friend HERE (click on the image in the link to get the PDF to download).

If your primary is struggling with reverence or needs a good reminder, this is a wonderful and simple song to teach!  This is also a great song to throw into singing time if your program is finished when you can sing whatever you like for a a few months!

The original document from The Friend is meant to be folded into a little booklet and colored but I wanted to make each image to be a full size sheet - more like a flip chart to be posted on the chalkboard.

You can find my re-sized document HERE.  Print on white card stock, color by hand (if you like!) and laminate (optional).

Simple actions can also be taught in conjunction with each flip chart.  Just post each picture on the chalkboard as you teach each action:

Reverence is more than just quietly sitting: fold arms
It's thinking of Father above: point to temples
A feeling I get when I think of His blessings: rub upper arms with opposite hand
I'm reverent for reverence is love: place hands over heart
When I'm reverent it shows in my words: cup hands around mouth  
And my deeds: face palms out
The pathway to follow is clear: create a pathway with arms
And when I am reverent I know in my heart: place hands over heart
Heavenly Father and Jesus are near: give yourself a "hug"

Download and print my to-go sheet with the actions HERE.

If you are trying to increase reverence in primary, make sure to scroll through all my other posts on reverence HERE.

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