Thursday, September 20, 2018

Inspirational Isle - Treasure Hunt Program Review

This Sunday is week 4 into my Treasure Hunt Program Review (find more details HERE) and we're heading to Inspirational isle!  I'm not planning many props (okay, none) - unless someone has a great idea for bringing in something tangible to represent feeling the spirit with our singing.  My goal here will be to help the kids simply feel the spirit with each song as we sing.  I love to challenge the kids to see if they can give me goose bumps (I get goose bumps when I feel the spirit and they all know it!).

If you simply need more review ideas that don't relate to the Treasure Hunt, make sure to check out my list of Review Activities HERE.

We'll practice standing and sitting before and after each song following my lead. Along with eyes on me.  We'll also go over what it means when I cup my hand to my ear [to increase volume].  I don't like to say, "sing louder" as that suggests yelling.

After each song is sung, we'll move the corresponding ship to this stop!  Easy and effective!

Next week will be our final stop at Treasure Island where I'm going to bring in ring pops wrapped like this:
(this is from years ago)

More to come!!

I've also got lots of tips for reviewing programs in the chapel HERE.

If you have completed your program, check out my After-the-Program Helps HERE.  I think I'm going to do Primary Battleship once we're finished to keep with my ships theme :).

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