Monday, September 24, 2018

Camille's Primary Ideas on Instagram and YouTube!!

I've just created an Instagram account so you can now follow me directly over there!!  I don't have much posted but posts will be as regular over there as they are here.  Just search Camille's Primary Ideas on the Instagram App on your phone and I should pop up!  Never miss a post!

I've also had a few videos posted on YouTube for a while and I {fingers crossed!} have plans to grow that channel as well!  You can find me on YouTube HERE.  Make sure to subscribe so you won't miss any content.  The few videos I have posted lately are me demonstrating the handbells for As A Child of God and I Am a Child of God.  Those videos are all linked throughout my blog as well.

I use handbells extensively at Christmas time so if your primary doesn't own a set, you might want to consider getting one in the upcoming months (find more details HERE)!

Both platforms will be linked back here so if you prefer to stay informed directly from my website, that works great too!  What I do love about having singing time ideas integrated in my own social media accounts is it keeps ideas flowing in the back of my mind.  I may see an idea that will spark a wonderful lesson plan in the upcoming weeks or months that I never would have come up on my own.  And it doesn't leave me frantically searching for something {anything!} Saturday night.

And as always, thank you for all your comments, support, and love as my little space continues to expand!  I love hearing from you all as it makes my effort totally worth it!!


Karli said...

Excited to follow you on Instagram! Have you ever had problems with younger kids messing with the spring-clapper inside the bells? One of ours is totally bent. Wah!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Karli!

Amazingly, I haven't had any bend (or at least if so, I don't know it!). So sorry about that! Kids!!


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

love the video on youtube. thanking for all you wonderfull ideas and now way to say informed.