Thursday, August 2, 2018

I Pray In Faith

I thought we'd quickly learn this song this week, along with reviewing A Child's Prayer (find my lesson plan HERE).  Both songs have the similar 2-part, are familiar, and easy.  We'll spend half the time on each song.  For A Child's Prayer, I'll just have the flipchart pages out of order on the chalkboard and we'll work on putting them up correctly, then singing.

Then as an attention getter for I Pray In Faith, I'll quickly give this explanation from the January 2007 Friend HERE: "Tell the children that the first part of the song talks about praying in faith, and the second part of the song explains how to pray. While we want to pray correctly, it is more important to pray with faith. Explain that Joseph Smith did not know exactly how to pray, but he prayed with faith, and Heavenly Father answered his prayer. Bear witness of Joseph Smith and the power of prayer."

I found some simple actions over on sugardoodle HERE that were easy enough:

Kneel on the floor (I kneel to pray every day)
Reach toward heaven (I speak to Heavenly Father)
Put hands to ears (He hears)
Point to yourself (and answers me)
Fold arms (when I pray in faith)

Hold fingers up:
1.  I begin by saying dear Heavenly Father
2.  I thank Him for blessings he sends
3.  Then humbly I ask Him for things that I need
4.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

For the 2nd verse, I created these simple printables to post on the board as the children hold their fingers up (thanks AGAIN to Susan Fitch who created the clip art HERE):

Download them HERE.  Print on white card stock and laminate or place in sheet protectors.

Next week we'll work on singing the different parts together using my Practicing Parts lesson plan HERE.

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