Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I'm always trying to add to my list of Wiggle songs which also can be used as Nursery songs!  To use this in nursery, I created these paper plate faces (enough for each child):

Find the image of the face HERE from the Behold Your Little Ones nursery manual.  Print image, cut out and glue to a paper plate.

When you sing it in nursery, simply have the kids hold the face so it's frowning, then have them turn it upside down when prompted by the song.

For primary, you can also use the paper plates but another fun idea is to have the kids pair up and stand back-to-back with arms linked.  One child faces the front with a frowny face as you sing then when prompted, the children rotate so the child who was facing backwards faces the front with a smiley face.  Repeat so both children can do each part.

Another variation I loved was posted on the primary music FB group HERE.  Super clever and darling, I just had to share!

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