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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Families Can Be Together Forever

This song is SO familiar, teaching it to the primary will be more like a review.  So I'm planning on reviewing with simple stick figure families using the good-old chalkboard...

and chalk...

You can also check more lesson plan ideas that utilize the chalkboard HERE.

We'll sing through the song and I'll have teachers each watch for a good singer from their class.  Good singers will then come up and draw their family on the chalkboard as we sing a verse from the song.  When we have finished the verse, teachers will choose new kids to come up front and draw as we sing the next verse, repeating until all the kids (and teachers, time permitting) have come up and drawn their family on the chalkboard.

You can also ask directive listening questions if you want to add a simple discussion about the message of the song:


  • How long can families be together? [forever]
  • Families can be together because of whose plan? [Heavenly Father's]
  • Who do I always want to be with? [my own family]

Verse One:

  • I have a family here on earth.  How do they treat me? [they are so good to me]
  • What do I want to share with them through all eternity? [my life]

Verse Two:

  • When will I prepare most carefully? [while I am in my early years]
  • Why will I prepare most carefully? [so I can marry i God's temple for eternity]

Bear testimony that if we prepare, marry in the temple, and keep all the commandments, we will have this great blessing of being together as a family through all eternity.

Check out my other lesson plan HERE that I taught before having groups of kids draw pictures of each phrase.


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

stick figure familys sing time was a hit, it was fun to see all the differnt families. Thank for shareing.

Amanda Ann Hansen said...

Thank you!!! You have made what seemed like an impossible calling for me, one that I have learned to love.

The Ostebos said...

Great idea thanks!!