Friday, June 22, 2018

Sing-A-Baptism Story

I wanted to review When I Am Baptized this week but the primary already knows it VERY well.  So I thought I would branch out and sing the other baptism songs in the songbook to stay with this month's Baptism topic.  So I came up with this Sing-A-Baptism Story idea and included more songs that revolve around baptism.  My goal isn't to memorize words or learn songs, but to help the kids become familiar with more songs in the songbook that all relate to a gospel topic.

A Sing-A-Story is a story where the words of the songs tell most of the story.  Songs are arranged in order to tell the story or develop a theme.  You can do this with almost any topic!  I've done several variations before:

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So here's my version of Sing-A-Baptism Story.  You simply read the narrative (or "hire" a special helper/narrator!) and follow the story outline.  It's easy, effective, and a great way to sing through LOTS of songs!  Some of these may be unfamiliar (which is wonderful!) so make sure to post the words like I do HERE and sing along along to the songs on CD for additional support.

Sing-A-Baptism Story

Amanda and Shawn were twins.  {Put Amanda and Shawn on the chalkboard}

They were going to be 8 soon and were so excited to be baptized!   {Draw a number “8” on the chalkboard}

Sing: I Like My Birthdays p. 104 vs. 1

They had learned from primary and from their parents that there were a few things they had to do to prepare for their baptism.

They had to have faith in Jesus Christ.  {Write “Faith” on the chalkboard}

Sing the song: Faith p. 96

Shawn and Amanda knew their faith would continue to grow if they kept reading their scriptures, saying their prayers and going to church. {Put the picture of a child praying on the chalkboard}
(Gospel Art Book p. 111)

They understood that if they make a wrong choice, they could say sorry, try better next time to choose the right.  That was called repentance.  {Write “Repentance” on the chalkboard}

Sing the song: Repentance p. 98

Amanda and Shawn knew that they would be baptized just like Jesus was long ago. {Put the picture of Christ being baptized on the chalkboard}
(Gospel Art Book p. 35)

Sing:  Baptism p. 100 vs. 1-2

Amanda and Shawn were grateful for Jesus’ example and were happy they could be baptized by immersion too! {Put a picture of a child being baptized on the chalkboard}
(Gospel Art Book p. 104)

Sing: When Jesus Christ Was Baptized p. 102

Amanda and Shawn knew that after their baptism they would be made clean just like the earth is made clean after it rains. {Draw a picture of a rainbow on the chalkboard}

Sing: When I Am Baptized p. 103 {optional – use rainbow wands to create rainbows during verses and sing “legato” or smoothly and create raindrops while singing “staccato” or choppy during the chorus – have the piano play legato and staccato as well.  Find details on wands HERE}

After their baptism, they would receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. {Add a picture of child being confirmed}
(Gospel Art Book p. 106)

Sing: The Holy Ghost p. 105

The gift of the Holy Ghost would then be their constant companion if they continued to choose the right throughout their life. {Add a picture of a child choosing the right}
(Gospel Art Book p. 115)

Sing: Listen, Listen p. 107

What was even better was that they could renew their baptismal covenants each week by partaking of the sacrament! {Put a picture of children taking the sacrament on the chalkboard}
(Gospel Art Book p. 108)

Sing: The Sacrament p. 72

Amanda and Shawn were grateful they chose to be baptized and knew what a blessing it would be in their lives.  {Add a picture of Amanda and Shawn in white clothes}

Download my story outline HERE.  You can download and print all the Gospel art Pictures HERE or see how I took apart my Gospel Art Book that I purchased from the Distribution Center HERE.

Download Amanda and Sean (before and after baptism) HERE.  Print them on card stock, cut out and laminate (optional).  The clip art comes from Susan Fitch's website HERE.

TIP: If you end up being short on time, omit the songs/story lines that don't directly relate to baptism, only singing the 4 baptism songs.

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