Saturday, June 9, 2018

My Dad

We'll be singing My Dad and Daddy's Homecoming (find that lesson plan HERE) in sacrament meeting for Father's Day.  You can also scroll through all of my Father's Day lesson plans HERE.

I LOVED this idea posted on the FB Chorister's Group HERE for teaching My Dad.  Thank you for sharing!!

I created some printables to go along with the idea that uses keywords/pictures...

You can download them HERE.  I printed on card stock, cut out and laminated.  Thank you to Susan Fitch (check out her website HERE) for most of the clip art!!

I then gathered a few of my husband's ties (thanks for sharing, dear!), tied them (let's be honest...I had him do it) and taped on my images using masking tape.  I used 2 images per tie (8 ties total) just so more kids can have a turn wearing a tie but you can do as many or as little as you need.

To use in primary, simply pass out a tie for kids to wear and have them stand at the front (this would be a fun way to utilize all those older primary boys!).  Sing the song through using the images/prompts to help.  Then pick good singers (maybe 2 at a time) to come up and remove an image from a tie at random.

They can also tell something they love about their dad/grandpa/bishop/teacher if they want.

Sing the song through with missing prompts then repeat with new children until all the images/prompts have been removed and you are left with only kids wearing ties and the song has been memorized.

Time permitting, have the kids try to put the images back on in order!

Micah, on the Chorister's FB group shared her feelings HERE that I thought might help with being sensitive to those children who may not have an active father-figure in their life:

"I grew up in a split family. My father wasn't around much, and when he was, I had a hard time getting along with him, but I still loved him. When I was in primary and Young Women's, I sometimes had a hard time with Father's Day. But I still sang the songs.

Looking back, I see that it helped me heal and know how things SHOULD be. They helped me want a better relationship with my father, though it was hard. I still loved him, and wanted those things that we sang about.

As you are trying to be considerate in your wards, also remember that even if the parents are divorced, those kids still love both their parents. They should still be able to sing to their dads, even if their dads aren't there. They should know what a good example is."

Thank you Micah for sharing your personal experience and wonderful insight on this topic!

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