Friday, June 15, 2018

Father's Day Singing Time Ideas

Scroll through my complete list of Father's Day post ideas HERE if you need!

There were 2 ideas I found for a Father's Day themed singing time that looked SO fun!  You can review any song(s) with both of these ideas - review program songs learned so far this year or sing Father's day-related songs from the songbook.  Or sing a combination of both!

Here's a suggested list of appropriate songs for Father's Day:

My Dad p. 211
Father's p. 209
Daddy's Homecoming p. 210
Teach Me To Walk In the Light p. 177
He Sent His Son p. 34
The Family Is of God (2nd verse) download music HERE

What other songs would be appropriate for Father's Day?  Leave a comment!  Make sure to post words like I do HERE for any songs that are unfamiliar.

The first fun idea I saw was this...Lip-Syncing Dads HERE.  It's VERY similar to my Lip Sync Review activity found HERE that has been very popular!

(my husband's a great sport, isn't he?!)

Gather pictures of all the primary kiddos' dads making a surprised/singing face (use grandpas, uncles, home teachers, bishop, etc. where needed). Print on card stock (I used my fast-draft [low-ink] print setting), laminate and cut out the mouth.  You could also take them to a photo lab and print as an 8x10 photo.  I'd recommend just 1 per family then enlisting the help of your primary presidency and pianist if you need.  Tape a jumbo popsicle stick to the back.  Call up several kids at a time to lip-sync with their dad's photo.

These would make for a great Father's Day gift idea too!  The kids can take them home to their dads to sing them a Father's Day song they sang in primary!

I saw someone created simple clip-art lip-syncing dads HERE which simplifies this activity.  Printables are HERE if you aren't on FB

The second idea was posted HERE by Diana.  Here are her details:

Tell them that this father is having a hard time deciding which bow tie to wear for Father’s Day and he needs their help. They choose a bow tie out of a bag and sing whichever song/verse is on the back well enough that the bow tie rises up into place so Dad can see how he looks in it.  Some ties are repeat song/verses in order to have more ties.

Download her printables HERE.  Print everything on card stock and cut out.  Laminate the ties.  Mount the head on a white poster board and draw in the chest as pictured above.  Cut holes for string near the neck and bottom of the poster.  Thread string through holes and tie ends together on the back of the poster creating a simply pulley system which makes the ties rise up.  Use velcro to adhere the ties.

I really wish I could take credit for these fun ideas!!  As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! And again, if you want more ideas for Father's Day, check out my other posts HERE.

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