Thursday, May 24, 2018

Interactive Review Posters

I've been wanting to try several of these interactive review posters for a while now and I'm finally getting to it!  Now, just to decide which one!  You can reivew any song(s) with this activity.  You can also check out all of my review activities HERE for more ideas.  

This week I'll be reviewing our program songs we've learned this year so far.

I stumbled across this Bubble Gum Ben review idea HERE that is DARLING!  It's complete with a pattern to cut out your own from home if you choose.  I prefer to just print so I decided to create a digital version:

And just for fun, I added Bubble Gum Betsy too!

You can download Ben HERE and Betsy HERE.  They print out as a 20x30 poster.  Print at Costco or your local printer.  I recommend mounting on either a tri-fold poster or foam board because you will want these to stand or at least be able to be propped up (any other suggestions totally welcome!).  Then cut a hole in the mouth big enough to easily insert a big balloon.  Behind the poster, attach a balloon pump to the balloon opening.

I'd recommend this pump from Amazon HERE (I've also heard the dollar store might carry the pump!).

Krusty the Clown was shared on the Chorister's FB HERE.  If you're not on Facebook, I've uploaded the image HERE.

This also prints as a 20x30 poster.  Cut a hole on the mouth big enough to insert a balloon through.

To use these in primary, just blow up the balloon as the children sing better (either you or let good singers have a turn).  If you use multiple boards (say Ben & Betsy), you can have several kids have a turn at one time and divide the primary into groups (boys & girls). No need to let the balloon pop - after the song is over, just let the air out and repeat.

This one is a little different but super fun!  Lead the music with "Elder Phant" (as I like to call him but the creator called this guy Edwin the Elephant).  The image was shared on Facebook HERE.  I've uploaded it HERE for those not on Facebook.

Cut out the circle for the nose then get a long grey sock like this from Amazon:

The child just puts on the sock on their arm, then puts their arm through the hole and leads the primary with the "trunk."  Good singers get a turn.

Susan Fitch also has more interactive posters including Betty Spaghetti!  Find details HERE.

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