Thursday, April 19, 2018

"Markers" Review

I was able to get through all 3 verses last week using my lesson plan HERE so this week will just be review to help reinforce the words and verses (which we really need help with the chorus of each verse).  I'm going to be keeping it real simple - in fact, this review will work with any song!

I'll have the primary help me write the words to the 3rd verse (I'm going to work backwards because the 3rd verse needs the most help) on the chalkboard.  Similar to this picture here but with the song we're working on (we have a chalkboard in a primary but it still works):

I'll choose probably 3 children at a time to draw a marker (or any other colored item you have will work great) and the color they choose tells them what to do.

Red: erase a word
Blue: underline a word to hum
Green: replace a word with a drawing
Orange: put a box around a phrase to sing with eyes closed
Brown: make up a sign for a word and put a star around that word
Purple: share a way you can share the light (or gospel) you've been given with others

Then we'll sing it according to how it's been "marked" then repeating a few more times until the song has been completely marked.  Once it's full, we'll erase and repeat with the 2nd verse, then the 1st if time permits.

This may be a little technical for Jr. so if I feel inclined, we may just be playing Hot 'N Cold found HERE except using the 3 puppets as our hiding object.  Whatever object we are hiding is what verse we'll be reviewing.  I will post the words (like I do HERE) at the beginning of singing time and gradually take them away so by the end, words are hopefully memorized.

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Laura Wynn said...

This marker review game is awesome!! Super excited to use it, thank you for sharing, as always!