Monday, February 26, 2018

Seven Days Until Easter

I was thumbing through March 2018 Friend and came across this Easter activity called Seven Days Until Easter. 

Find it HERE.  It EASILY converted into a wonderful singing time activity the Sunday before Easter (since Easter falls on General Conference this year).  I'd recommend combining with sharing time and then maybe having the kids even color the poster!  End the activity by watching some of the suggested videos on  Or hang the poster up in the primary room all month and go over 2 of the 8 bubbles each week until Easter!

I created a 20x30 JPEG document HERE that can be printed as a photo (I'd recommend a lustre instead of a glossy finish) at Costco.  Or take it to a local printer and have it printed on poster paper which would probably color better.  They may want the PDF version which is HERE.

I added songs but if you want to choose your own, I've got a blank PDF version HERE or a blank JPEG version HERE.

Then I also have a print-at-home tiled version HERE or the blank tiled version HERE.  They print on 9 sheets of paper and then you put them together like a big puzzle (just like the below photo).  I'd recommend printing on card stock then taping everything together.

You can also find all of my past Easter activities HERE (lots of them include past Friend activities!!)

Happy Easter!


Unknown said...

your first link goes to the 2014 seven days until easter FYI

Camille Hill said...

Thank you! I couldn't figure out why that link didn't have the image with it! I've removed it, I appreciate your help!


Amy said...
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BeatriceA said...

I really liked this idea, but I felt like our primary needed an extra week just for If the Savior Stood Beside Me, so I adapted this for a review of the three songs we have learned this year. I assigned a verse or two to each of the 7 quotes from Christ, and I thought that it turned out so well I am sharing it here. #7: I am a Child of God verse 2 -- focusing on how it is never too late to repent in this life and that God will always forgive us. #6: I am a Child of God verse 3 -- focusing on the rich blessing of living with God again. #5: I am a Child of God verse 1 -- focusing on our parents and family and people that show us love. #4: If the Savior Stood Beside Me verse 2 & 3 -- verse 2 because we talk when we pray and verse 3 because He is near us when we are praying even if we can't see Him. #3: My Heavenly Father Loves Me both verses -- focusing on our mortal state on this Earth and our bodies. #2: If the Savior Stood Beside Me verse 1 -- focusing on trying hard to follow Jesus' example. #1: I am a Child of God verse 4 -- focusing on how we can live with our earthly and Heavenly families when we are in the Celestial kingdom. And then you can end with whatever Easter song you want for Happy Easter!. We are going to do Did Jesus Really Live Again.

Thanks for all your great lessons and tips!

Camille Hill said...


I absolutely LOVE this! I might just follow your lead for next Sunday as we could do some more reviewing as well. There's just so much I want to do that this would fit perfectly!! Thank you for commenting!