Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Sing-A-Story

Time for another annual Thanksgiving Sing-A-Story found HERE.  This is a very simple lesson plan to celebrate Thanksgiving (especially if you need a sub!).

I've been asked before if my kids get tired of all my annual repeat lesson plans.  And my response is an astounding "no, they don't!"  I've never once had a child tell me they don't want to do a repeated activity we've done previous years (and in my defense, I don't think doing something once a year is too often.  Would you agree?).  Usually the kids are really excited to see something familiar, telling me they remember when we did it last year.  I always try to challenge them to see what they remember by asking what comes next?

You can check out all of my Thanksgiving/Fall singing time lesson plans HERE or see what I have planned for the rest of November HERE.

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