Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Primary Music Memory

This annual grab-n-go singing time activity is so low-key (after you've done the initial work) that you'll want to pull it out every year after the program is over.  It's so fun to sing random songs that we don't sing very often.  Find it HERE.

You can check out the rest of my October lesson plans HERE and also check out my after-the-program lesson plans HERE which include a Singing Missionary singing time activity which will be perfect to use in November as it coincides with November's theme "I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now"

Feel free to comment with your favorite singing time lesson plans to do after the program is over (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas).

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Mama Mary said...

I added on to this idea by arranging for several adults to pose as "investigators." They waited in the hall until we chose two kids to be missionaries, I gave them name tags and instructions, and they knocked on the primary door. The investigator came in, sat down and asked questions, which we as a primary answered by singing a primary song. they kids were great and loved this activity, and were such great missionaries! They introduced themselves, and answered doctrinal questions and challenged each investigator to baptism....amazingly, they all accepted! such a success that I will probably repeat it in 6 or 9 months.