Thursday, August 31, 2017

"Chews" the Right - Program Review Activity

I saw this DARLING program review activity posted on the Chorister's Facebook group HERE that I just had to implement for this year's review activity!  Deidra, thank you for sharing!!

I re-created the images HERE.  There are several printing options - a black and white version, colored background versions or a white-background version.  Print what you like.  The font I chose is Serendipity in case you have different songs and you want it to match :).  I cut out the song titles and glued them to the bottom of each page.

I'll do the same activity that Deidra posted:

"I give each teacher different colored stickers, and if they hear a good singer they give them a gum ball (same idea as Musical Measles [details HERE]). After singing the song the kids get to come up and put their gum balls in the correct gum ball machine. My kids absolutely love it and it helps me see which songs need more progress!"

I have decided, however, to forego the tri-fold.  I will simply be hanging the gumballs directly on the chalkboard using magnets and writing "Chews the Right" with chalk across the top.  This way it will be easy to take to church.  I also printed 2 copies - one for Jr. and one for Sr.

My stickers are from Amazon here but I'm sure they can be found pretty much anywhere:

(affiliate link)

Pretty simple!  I'll be using it for the entire month of September and in October where I can (in October we do a run-through of the program so I usually don't pull out my review activity then).

You can see everything that I've done to review for the program in past years HERE.  Scroll through all the posts.


kathy said...

Thank you for doing this!!
I love your ideas. They seem so "down to earth"
and do-able.
Thank you for sharing.

Melinda said...

Seriously so helpful! I was recently called to this calling and I have no musical talent and am so overwhelmed! I plan on using pretty much all of your posts, thank you!

Audra Gines said...

I love this! I did it today and used magnets I found at Walmart that are circles and pastel colors which allows me to use them over and over again with out laminating... could not find stickers for the life of me and didn't have time to order online.

Thanks for all your great ideas, and for all the time and effort you put in! You are amazing :) Your links and premade ideas are pretty fabulous! I'm sure you put tons of time in!

- Your sister in singing time :)

jess said...

What font did you use for the song titles?

Camille Hill said...

Hi jess,

It's called Serendipity.


Arieliona said...

Do you hand out gumballs at some point? I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to hand out gum because some of those little sunbeams might not even know how to chew gum yet! But this idea is just so cute maybe the sticker fun is plenty.

Laurel said...

Camilla, thank you so much for recreating the images and sharing with all of us!! I did this review activity over the last 2 weeks and it was so successful. As a reward for filling up all the gumball machines I gave each child a little tiny baggie with 5 gumballs in it with a note stapled to it that said "Thank you for 'Chew'Sing to be a great singer" It was such a great motivation throughout singing time. They really wanted to earn those gumballs. I've attached a link to the note I created, if anyone is interested in using it. It is super simple, but worked great.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Laurel!

What a clever treat topper and thank you for sharing! I'm so happy the activity was a success for you too.