Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 Primary Flashcards

I'm pulling out the same activity I've done in years past (2016 found HERE, 2015 HERE  and 2014 HERE).  I've just updated all the information to be 2017!  It's been a lot of fun both Senior and (a simplified version) for Junior.  This activity will take at least 2 weeks OR would be a fabulous 5th Sunday if you happen to have the whole time.  There's also a variation I've listed below that omits cards so it can be completed in one 20-minute singing time.

Download my 2017 documents HERE (these documents include August which I personally didn't print but thought it might help others to review for the program later on this year).  I printed mine on a fun neon yellow colored paper this year just for kicks.

Dare to Do Right and The Wise Man and the Foolish Man were VERY popular choices for March and July so if those happen to be your song choices, they are the 2nd to last page of my document (don't print that page if you don't need it).  If you have completely different song choices for April and July, I found most of the Mad Gab/Mumbles songs from the Chorister's Facebook post HERE and just slightly altered a few.  A direct link to that document is HERE if you are not a member of the group.  The last page of my document to download/print are 2 blank April and July sheets for you to be able to simply write in your own (again, don't print this page if you don't need it).

If you need some Mumbles/Mad Gabs for songs that are not listed, I'd suggest posting on the FB Choristers group - you'll get some amazing answers as I'm really not that clever to come up with them on my own!  Then if you find some good ones, leave a comment here to help others out.

Here's how to use them in primary:

For Senior, divide the primary into 2 teams.  If you have a large primary, divide into more.  Give each team a bell (I just use 2 of my handbells but any bells will do).  Draw the first card and face it to the teams.  The first team to ring their bell with the correct answer wins that card.  If the answer is incorrect, the next team to ring the bell gets to answer and possibly win, etc.

For Junior, there will be no teams and no bells.  I'll give as many hints as possible and we'll try to solve the card together.  I will call on good singers to come speak the cards into the microphone (with help if need be).  When the song cards are called, we sing the song using most of the activities we've done all year with them HERE (don't use this activity, scroll down to see the links to all the various activities associated with each song).

Here's the activity you do with each card:

Monthly Theme Cards:  Fill in the correct missing words (I plan on keeping my 2017 outline handy as all the answers are easily found there!).  No singing with these cards.

Monthly Song Cards:  They are the Mad Gab/Mumbles cards. The kids will have to figure out which song it is.  When it's been guessed, sing the song.

Monthly Scripture Cards:  For Senior Primary, it is a scripture hunt.  The kids have to find the scripture passage in the scriptures and read it (you may need to get a few sets of scriptures from the library).  Again, the 2017 outline will come in handy for the little kids.  No singing with these cards, with the exception of the Article of Faith song that is included with this year's theme.

If you are short on time, I'd omit all the Monthly Scripture Cards.  If you are even shorter on time, omit the Monthly Theme Cards as well.  The Mad Gab/Mumbles make a great activity on their own too!

Here's a quick view of all the cards if you are interested:


rdbmb said...

I have tried to get onto the FB choristers page to ask this question...can't seem to figure it out. I need help with a Mad Gab/Mumbles card for the song CHOOSE HIM AGAIN.
Thank you!!

Camille Hill said...

Hi rdbmb,

I did a search and found this on the FB group for Choose Him Again:

"Chew swim egg hen"

Hope that helps!


cassidy said...

This is perfect for our 5th Sunday singing time! I have a question about how you personally play this - do you play the cards in order, starting with January? Or mix them all up?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Cassidy!

I shuffle the cards so they are out of order. Sorry that isn't more clear.


Cassie said...

Camille: I am trying to download these cards, but I can't download the pdf. When I try to print from just the page when they open, there's nothing to print. Can you send a link with a download option of the pdf?

Cassie said...

NEVERMIND! Figured it out. Thx.

Kami said...

Can you please tell me what font you used for these so I can write in my own songs. I hate it when they all don't match!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kami,

It's KG strawberry Limeade font, all in lower caps. I totally agree about wanting stuff to match 😉.


Amy's. Pincoc said...

Camille, thanks so much for your site, for all the time you give to us fellow choristers.I appreciate it so much. Any chance you can help me, I need a mad gab card for Build an Ark and I just can't figure it out. Thanks so very much, Amy

Camille Hill said...

Hi Amy,

This was on the FB page search that I found:

Buy eel day anarch - Build an Ark

I hope that helps :).


Kristina Bills said...

How soon before the new month do you post your schedule?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kristina Bills,

I usually post my monthly schedule the Thursday or Friday before the last Sunday of each month for the following month. So this month, I'll have next month's schedule posted this Thursday or Friday since this Sunday is the last Sunday of the month. Clear as mud? ;)