Thursday, June 29, 2017

4th of July Review

Since this Sunday is sort of a holiday weekend (with the 4th of July being on Tuesday), I thought it would be more beneficial to review our year-to-date program songs instead of starting to learn July's song (if you want a lesson plan for teaching The Wise Man and the Foolish Man or suggestions for a "pick your own song," check out my post HERE).

To review, I decided to do Singing in the Dark (also great for a sub!) using glow sticks that are pretty easy to find this time of year!  Find my lesson plan HERE.

If you already own the finger lights, those would be a great substitute for this activity too!  See details for those HERE.  

Another fun singing time to celebrate the 4th of July is Primary Fireworks!  Find that lesson plan HERE.

Red, White & Blue Star Singing Time HERE.

If you don't need to review, a fun song to teach for the 4th is My Flag, My Flag.  Find my lesson plan HERE.

Or also My Country, lesson plan found HERE.


Tammy said...

I love you! You are a life saver!!!

Lynn said...

Camille, I am going to do the glow sticks this Sunday, July 30, as I was out of town for most of July and wanted to do my review with the glow sticks that I found at Target as you shared. I had a couple questions about management. Did you get the sticks activated prior to church starting or how did you do that? And, did you let the kids take them home? If so, how did you let them take them. I do music first and then the presidency does sharing time. My thoughts were to gather them after my music time and then I would either have them outside for them to grab or figure out how many in each class and put in a bag to give to teachers to hand out to kids after primary. Just wanted to get your take on that. Thanks!!!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Lynn,

I just had the teachers help activate them - a lot of the kids could simply do their own. Then yes, I let the kids take them home. We had the teachers gather them after singing time and the kids could take them with them after church.