Friday, June 23, 2017

Nephi's Courage - 3rd Verse

If you follow my singing time schedule for June HERE, you'll note that I have planned to review our January - June program songs with Primary Flashcards.  However, since it's only a plan and plans tend to change, that's what I'm going to be doing this Sunday.  We didn't get to the 3rd verse for Nephi's Courage so I'm simply going to use that lesson plan this week HERE.

If you are on schedule and want to use what I had originally planned, the document for the 2017 Primary Flashcards to download is all available on the June Singing Time Schedule post linked above.  Since July has 5 Sundays, I'll be reviewing program songs the 1st Sunday and last Sunday of the month to compensate.  I've decided to postpone the flashcards until the last Sunday in July and will have a post dedicated to that activity then.  This way it will also incorporate another month of reviewing.

Find My July Singing Time Schedule HERE so you can see how I've decided to map out July.

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