Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When I Am Baptized

I'll finally be getting to May's song, When I Am Baptized.  The lesson plan is one I used the last time we taught this song and I have to admit, it's probably my most favorite!  You can find it HERE.

The lesson plan focuses a lot on rainbows and rain which led me to feel maybe it was falling short of discussing the song's actual meaning - the effects of baptism and repentance.  But one day as I was browsing Teaching No Greater Call, I came across some information that led me to feel like focusing on the object lesson in the song (the rainbows and rain) was justified and would actually help the kids learn about the intangible aspect (baptism and repentance) better as long as the connection was made:

'Tie the invisible idea … to some tangible object the student already knows about and then build from that knowledge” Elder Boyd K. Packer

Find the full excerpt HERE under "Comparisons and Object Lessons."  It's really worth reading!

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