Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother, I Love You

Teach this simple Mother's Day song to your primary for Mother's Day using my {also simple!} lesson plan...

For this activity, you will need the flip chart found HERE. and the 2 melody maps found HERE and HERE.

Play song on CD or you and teachers sing with the piano as the children count how many times the word "love" is sung [8].  Repeat but now with the word "you" [13].  Make sure to double check your counting and have them listen/sing it again ;).

Place flip chart on chalkboard and pass out scarves to kids.  Have them pitch lead with the scarves as you sing the song through.  I own these scarves here:

Wands would also work.  You can check out my post on wands HERE.  You can also use a popsicle stick or the kids can simply use their hands.

Place Melody Map #1 on chalkboard and ask the children to count how many times they hear/see the repeated melody as you pitch lead [4].  Repeat with Melody Map #2 [2] having them filling in the words for each dot on the melody map and then singing it.

Sing and pitch lead the last line, asking the children to listen for the word on the highest pitch [love].  Have them reach really high on that note while pitch leading with the scarves.

Divide the kids into 2 groups and let them alternate phrases as you indicate, pitch leading when it's their turn.  Everyone sings the last phrase together.  Repeat, switching parts for the groups.

Gradually remove flip chart pages from the chalkboard as the kids continue to pitch lead, take turns directing their own movements or any other movements with the scarves (such as these found HERE) as time permits.

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