Thursday, April 27, 2017

UNO Review-O

I've had this review activity saved for a while but have never implemented it into primary before.  I thought it would work out well because we have 4 songs to review and there are 4 colors so one color for each song (but this activity will work with one song divided up into 4 phrases/verses also).

I took 4 pieces of card stock, one red, one green, one yellow and one blue and printed our 4 program songs we've learned so far this year on them.  Find my document HERE (it's so simple, you could handwrite the song titles if need be!).

If you want a cute poster to print out instead, one was posted by Whitney on the FB Chorister's page with details HERE.

If you aren't on the FB group, download the document HERE and print as a 20x30 poster at Costco.

You'll also need an UNO deck of cards, like this one from Amazon:

For the activity you will only be using one in each color of the 1's, 2's, Reverse, Skips and Wild cards (so 20 cards total):

I will have all the cards "shuffled" :) so we will be able to sing all 4 songs before repeating another song and putting the wild cards in randomly.  Oooh, I'm sneaky!

To play, call on a child to come pick a card from the top of the stack (face down). If they pick a blue 2, we will sing the song in the blue section either twice or the 1st and 2nd verse (depending on if the song has a 2nd verse or not).  If they pick a reverse, everyone will turn to face the back wall and sing the associated song color.  If they pick a skip, we will skip every other word.  If they pick a wild card, they can choose their favorite song to sing*.

*Or, when a wild card is chosen, I'm considering introducing them to our Mother's Day song by having them listen to and sing along to the song on CD and maybe have them guess the song title.  I better quickly decide what we are singing!


Carrie Gooss Petersen said...

Thank you! Both senior and junior primary loved this.

Granny D said...

When you say, sing a song in the blue section, is that the same song as written on the blue card?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Granny D,

Yes, sorry that isn't more clear.