Thursday, March 9, 2017

Stand for the Right/Dare to Do Right Medley - Learning Parts

Last week our primary worked on learning the individual songs for this medley with my lesson plans found HERE.  This week we will be focusing on putting the 2 parts together.  Now, before you can teach the medley, you (and I recommend an assistant!) need to KNOW this medley by heart!  You cannot teach something you do not know.  Especially with the 2 moving parts, it's imperative that the leaders come in at the right times.  The kids will follow your lead.

To introduce the medley, I thought it would be fun to view this video HERE (I'm not sure who to give credit to so I apologize) or there's another version that was shared on the FB group HERE by Margene - thank you!

After the video, I will be dividing the primary into 2 sections to review the parts using my Practicing Parts activity and visuals found HERE.  The activity constantly changes up the 2 groups and I encourage each group to try to be the "best group" for that round.  When we actually perform, I will most likely be splitting the room in half down the middle simply depending on where they are sitting.

My assistant (a presidency member) will help me lead - I'll lead one group while she leads the other.  Each of us will post the words to our parts.  Find the words to the medley HERE or in my Posting Words Tab above as well.  Even if the little kids can't read, the older ones and teachers will be able to follow your leads and will pick up what they can.  After singing several times with the words posted, you can gradually take them away as the words are memorized.

**If you'd rather do a St. Patrick's Day singing time, I've updated my March Singing Time Schedule HERE under the March 19th week to include the 2017 visuals for the Treasure Hunt.  I will have an actual post for this next week.  I wanted to wait a week to to do this activity so our review would include the medley that we are learning this week.

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