Thursday, February 2, 2017

Choose the Right - chorus

I'll be starting to teach this month's song, Choose the Right.  For most of the hymns we teach in primary, I usually only teach the 1st verse and chorus unless it's otherwise specified and I always like to start teaching the chorus first.  It's the simplest part of the song and repeated the most.  If those little Jr. primary kids have the chorus down pat in any song, I will die a happy chorister ;).

You can find my singing time lesson plan for the chorus HERE.

My lesson plan for the 1st verse is HERE in case you want to continue on.

Also, make sure to let your Sr. primary kids know that learning this song passes off a Faith in God requirement!  Check out more details HERE.

To review this song at the end of the month, along with As a Child of God, I may be incorporating the ever-popular "finger lights" activity that's been floating around FB.  Check out my February schedule HERE (scroll to the bottom of the post) for more details!  You may want to order your finger lights in advance.  I got mine from Amazon here:

I'll be taking a break from teaching Choose the Right the Sunday before Valentine's Day with my annual Name that Primary Song about Love.  It's always fun!  Find details HERE.


Laura Wynn said...

Are you only going to do one verse plus the chorus for the program? (I LOVE your site and am so so glad I found it when I became chorister last year. Thank you SO much for all you do and pass along to us!)

Camille Hill said...

Hi Laura,

Yes, only one verse and chorus for the program. We may have the congregation join us in the rest of the verses but I won't be teaching them in primary. Thank you also for your kind comments :).


Laura Wynn said...

Awesome, Thank you so much!