Thursday, January 5, 2017

Here We Are Together - Introductions!

I'm a week behind the times with last Sunday still being Christmas break so this week I'm working on introductions even though last week was the first week of the new year.

If you have already done introductions, I'd suggest forging on ahead with what I have planned throughout the month of January HERE.  I've updated this post to include the few 2017 Primary Showcase items that I've put together for those of you who are ahead of me so hopefully that helps some.  I'll keep updating as I get more material together (or find work from others which I have to say THANK YOU for contributing!).

My introductions singing time lesson plan that I'll be doing this Sunday is found HERE.

It's going to be another great year in primary!!


shay said...

We had to do this last week since we have Stake Conference on the last Sunday in January. The kids loved it! Thanks for the idea!

Nikki Zimmerman said...

We also did this last week! The kids loved it!