Thursday, January 19, 2017

As a Child of God

I'm finally getting around to teaching this month's song!  It's not that I'm behind, it's that I like to schedule my January month this eases everyone (okay, most me!) back into the schedule after the holidays.  We've introduced everyone to everyone, we've showcased all our songs for the year and now it's time for teaching this month's song.  I've finally got those little ones adjusting to the primary routine and now it's time to really delve into the work!  I'll be teaching As a Child of God using simplified ASL (or I've since learned the technical term - CASE - which means Conceptually Accurate Signed English).

You can find all the details on how I teach this song using simplified ASL in primary HERE.  This week I'll focus on the chorus and 1st verse, then next week the 2nd and 3rd verses.

If teaching sign language in primary scares you, check out my tips for teaching ASL HERE.  It's a great way to add variety into your lesson plans!


TimmyB Wilson said...

Hi, Camille,

I wrote a beautiful Primary song, if you want it.


Mayci Williams said...

I would live the song TI'm my

Jane Neil said...

I would love to hear it as well if you don't mind! I am a new to the primary chorister calling and am always looking for good songs and fun ideas!