Friday, December 9, 2016

A Primary-Christmas-Song Nativity, Part 2

This week is the 2nd half of my Primary-Christmas Song Nativity Review (find part 1 HERE and find the entire nativity HERE). These lesson plans also work wonderfully on their own if you aren't trying to cram 3 songs in this week like I am :).

First up is Stars Were Gleaming.  For our program, I cut the 2nd verse (it's SO hard!) so to review it we are going over simple actions that correlate with the words in the 1st verse of the song.  Find details HERE.

Second is The Nativity Song.  I pulled out my props all found HERE (an unbreakable :) nativity set would suffice as well.  To simplify the activity, I am going to pass out an item to each child and when they hear their word that matches their prop (I have words taped on the back of each picture), they can stand up.  We'll sing it about 2 or 3 times this way.

Last is Christmas Bells.  This is where the real fun comes in :).  Find my bell chart HERE along with instructions on how I use handbells in primary.

You can find all of my Christmas singing time lesson plans HERE.

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