Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Primary-Christmas-Song Nativity, Part 1

Our primary is prepping for our Ward Christmas party nativity that we have been asked to present.  There are 6 songs that are part of the Nativity (all found HERE) that we are practicing over 2 weeks in singing time.  This week, we'll be reviewing the first 3 songs using various lesson plans I've used in the past.  These lesson plans also work wonderfully on their own if you aren't trying to cram 3 songs in this week like I am :).

First up is Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus, lesson plan found HERE.  For the chorus we'll just cup our hands around our mouths when we sing "hosanna."

Next will be When Joseph Went to Bethlehem, lesson plan found HERE using the scarves.  If I had to pick one lesson plan to teach,  this one would be it!  It's BEAUTIFUL!!  I also use the scarves quite a bit in primary for other lesson plans - totally worth the cost in my opinion.

Last will be Away in a Manger.  I printed a flip chart HERE.  I will simply put the flip chart on the chalkboard and we'll sing through the song.  For the chorus during the "asleep" portion, I will have the girls sing the first "asleep" then have the boys sing the echo (which is a little lower in pitch).

Kind of a lot for one singing time but I just plan to keep each segment short and simple.  We'll quickly move along.  Next week I'll be finishing up the other 3 songs in the nativity.

You can find all of my Christmas singing time lesson plans HERE as well.

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