Friday, September 30, 2016

Stake Primary Music Training

I was recently asked to teach at our Stake Primary Training meeting.  I thought I'd post here what I shared at that meeting for anyone who is interested.  DISCLAIMER:  if you are looking for new information, I'm really sorry...everything I taught is already found throughout my blog.  This is just kind of a catch-all.  I wish I had some brand new information to disclose but alas, it's just my tried and true information that I'm just reiterating.

I took a wagon load full of resources and visuals with me.  I was quite the site...

I passed out a handout (found HERE) that I've spelled out below with links on my blog where you can find more information about each item.  As part of my training, I was asked to help all the choristers in my stake teach next year's theme song (As a Child of God) to the rest of the group who were in attendance at the meeting.  The 2nd page of my handout are details on how I taught it to the choristers in our stake.


How to Teach a Song (Find more details on this information HERE)
KNOW the song (listen to it, play on the piano, etc)
Repetition through variety is critical for not burning out (you or the kids)
(asl/actions/movement/puppets/pictures/echoing/rhythm instruments, etc.) (find all my lesson plans to all the songs I've taught HERE)
Bear testimony
Pray – know that this is a very DIFFICULT calling

Staying Organized
Monthly Outline (find details HERE)

Binder (including posting words) (find details HERE)

When Teaching (supply caddy, choosing sticks) (find details HERE and HERE)

Scheduling your month: (find details HERE)
2 weeks each month on learning the program songs
1 week each month on reviewing the songs learned for the year
1 week each month on a holiday/season/event, non-program related
Scheduling your 20 minutes:
1 – 5 min: scripture song (Articles of Faith, Books in the …, etc.)
5 – 10 min: wiggle worm jar/nursery bag (find details HERE and HERE)
10 – 15 min: lesson plan

Children’s Sacrament Meeting Program outline (find details HERE)

Music resources found on HERE

A Children’s Songbook Companion – Pat Graham Workshop every January (find details HERE)

LDS Primary Choristers group on FB (find details HERE)

Gospel Art Book – take it apart! (find details HERE)

Chalkboard – you can tweak almost any activity to only involve the chalkboard (find details HERE) (New Chorister’s tab) (find details HERE)

Suggested Props
Nursery Bag (not just for nursery!) (find details HERE)

Wiggle Worm Jar (find details HERE)

Hand Bells (find details HERE)

Primary Music CD (Christmas gift to the kids for the upcoming year) (find details HERE)

Common Issues
Reverence (not just the kids) – don’t be afraid to put away the activity & just sit (find my reverence activities HERE as a suggestion)

Not getting full 20 minutes – go before the sharing time lesson
Substitutes – utilize the stake primary music leader & presidency

2017 Singing Time Schedule
JANUARY – As a Child of God (suggested lesson plan HERE)

FEBRUARY – Choose the Right (suggested lesson plan HERE)

MARCH – Stand for the Right (suggested lesson plan HERE) (I will be teaching Dare to do Right instead this year - more to come!)

APRIL – (your choice) Had I Been a Child (suggested lesson plan HERE)

MAY – When I Am Baptized (suggested lesson plan HERE)

JUNE – Nephi’s Courage (suggested lesson plan HERE)

JULY – (your choice) Every Star is Different (suggested lesson plan HERE)

AUGUST – I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (suggested lesson plan HERE)

Lesson Plan for teaching the 1st verse to As a Child of God:
simplified ASL YouTube Video:  (find details HERE)

Each chorister was to learn the simplified ASL associated with the phrase and teach it to the group: (I printed the below phrases HERE for each chorister to place around their neck using a string or to pin to their chest)

I came to earth
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

with power to choose
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

good choices bless me 
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

and my family 
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

as a child of  God
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

I receive special light
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

the Holy Ghost helps me 
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

to know what is right 
(sign notes)________________________________________________________

As the ASL was gradually presented to the group, the phrases were put away as the song was beginning to be memorized.

As a take-home, I gave each chorister a dozen shaker eggs HERE to add to their primary's singing time collection.

If you have ever taught music at a stake primary meeting, I'd love for you to share your details!!


Stephanie said...

This is AMAZING! Do you have lesson plans like this for the 2018 songs yet? Thank you!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Stephanie,

I have a summary post of all my 2018 lesson plans I plan on implementing this year here:

I hope that helps!